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The Project

Out of an incomprehensible number of stars in the vast universe, the eternal God chose a small blue planet, where his story of love and History of Salvation takes place. On this planet, God chose the small country of Israel, which is located at a cross point of ancient connection paths between the continents Europe, Asia and Africa. In the highlands, somewhat aloof but also “in the middle of the world”, lies a city, which God gave His special attention and devotion... Jerusalem!
Jerusalem means “foundation of peace” and is probably the most disputed city in the world. It has been destroyed and also rebuilt more than thirty times. Today the city is once again at the center of the Middle-East conflict.

The dispute over Jerusalem today concentrates especially on the Temple Mount. Where the sanctuary of the Israeli God once stood, is now the golden dome of the Omar-Mosque (Dome of the Rock).


The New York Times described this piece of land as the most explosive square meter in the world.


Why is the temple mount considered to be such an important mountain? (Morriah 743.7m)

  • It is where the Jewish temple was situated for one thousand years as the center of the Israeli belief.
  • According to the Law of Moses, it is the chosen mountain; there is no alternative place anywhere else for the temple and the sacrifices.
  • It is a place of worship and a testimony among the people that there is only one true God.
  • There are many promises in the scriptures of the prophets in the Old Testament which refer to the future of the temple mount.

In the words and scriptures of Jesus and his apostles you will find many references to the temple. In the first prototype, the tabernacle of Israel, the temple was with all its components already a model for the way to God and a life with God. What did the examples of salvation look like? What can they tell us? How can they help us to understand the gospels better?


Where exactly was the temple situated? What did it look like? What about the reconstruction and the terrific expansion under Herod the Great? Where did Jesus teach? What did he mean with his comparisons and his hints about the sanctum?


After a long silence the Temple Mount slowly reveals its “secrets” again.


Through the revealing of the secrets… Words and images become more understandable and salvation, as it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ becomes visible. 

On his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, Jesus looked towards the Temple Mount and said to the Pharisees: “If my disciples are forced to be silent, giving testimony and celebrating that I am the Messiah, I tell you these very stones will cry out.” (Luke19:40)

What are the stones telling us? What symbolism is in the building plan of the temple, its interior, and neighboring buildings? What do rituals of the Jewish feasts that have been celebrated every year throughout the centuries tell us about the nature of faith? What do the different offices and responsibilities in the Israeli cult mean?


If everything that was written before was fulfilled in Jesus Christ… What did he fulfill? 

 In order to convey the Gospel in its entirety so it may be better portrayed and understood, we started a project. It is our desire that the stones of the temple mount get the opportunity to tell their story.

We believe the production and distribution of realistic 3D visual media (e.g. DVD, TV Production, etc), will prove to be an excellent and helpful tool. For example, the interactive DVDs will bring the buildings in the Temple district to life again, highlighting their relationship and relevance to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Everyone will have an opportunity to walk through the temple freely just like in a computer game. and learn more about all aspects of the Temple’s history.


The functionality will allow users to search information records, observe archeological sites, view bible verses and video clips, listen to sermons, and hear experts discussing Temple issues. 

 The project is dedicated to everybody who has the same desire for knowledge and is amazed and enjoys the person and work of Jesus Christ just like the Greek, who came to the sanctuary in Jerusalem, to meet the historic Jesus. They asked Philip, who was from Bethsaida: “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.” (John: 12,21)



Basic principles of this Project are books by:

  • The author, theologian Dr. Roger Liebi. In his book, “The Messiah in the Temple” he creates a unique bridge between Jewish background and the Old and New Testaments, in relation to the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

  • The author, archaeologist and architect, Dr. Leen Ritmeyer. In his book “The Quest” he summarizes the best and most reliable documents on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

  • Animation will be provided by the company QUBIC GmbH Frankfurt, QUBIC specializes in 3D computer animation, film production and post-production.